Logical Reasons Why Men Love Breasts And It Totally Makes Sense


Have you ever wondered what is it, really, about breasts that make every man go crazy? There can be logical reasons to why are men so obsessed with breasts? We, women, are trying to find the answer to this question since ages and finally, science has answered it. Men love breasts and they have real logical reasons to think about them all the time and science proves it.

 In the recent study by neurobiologist Larry Young, the logical reasons identified by him was that the human evolution has crystal rectifier to a neural circuit that works on constant lines between couples as between a mother and her kid. similar to babies love breasts, men too!

 There is a relationship between the hormones related to breastfeeding and male breast stimulation. once a girl breastfeeds her baby, a organic compound Pitocin (love drug), floods her brain, serving to her to focus her attention and tenderness on her baby.

 During mamilla stimulation, a similar a part of the brain is affected as whereas epithelial duct stimulation and endocrine free causes s3xual arousal in ladies, creating her specialize in her partner throughout the act.

  Breasts area unit the softest components of a woman’s body. they’re supple and soft, tempting men to grab them. Men love however the breasts feel in their hands and girls love once they’re touched.

 A research done by a academic of homeopathic medication, Mark Eis at urban center University aforementioned that gazing women’s breast will increase a man’s life by 4-6 years. thus there you go guys, an honest reason to stare the breast!


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