Cool Things That Your Apple Earphones Can Do! You Surely Don’t Know All.


“Yes, I do agree that Apple earphones aren’t the best try of mobile accessories out there. tho’ they need a decent style, associate earpiece should be all concerning sound. There ar manner higher and cheaper choices out there within the market if created comparisons with the Apple earphones. Apple is understood for delivering product that create people’s lives easier. And a bit like the other Apple product, the earphones by the corporate will perform several functions to create our lives easier. I bet you don’t grasp a majority of them. nowadays we tend to at irony can list some extremely cool stuff you didn’t grasp your Apple earphones will do while not having to the touch your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

#1 Skip to the next track

Hating a specific track? have you ever detected it method too several times? wish to skip it? faucet your Play/Pause button double and simply skip on to the start of succeeding track.

#2 Fast-forward

You can simply quick forward to the favourite a part of your song or show by fleetly sound the play/pause button double and so holding down the button once the second faucet. It’ll skip forward in no moment.

#3 Rewind

Want to rewind a track. All you got to do is hit the play/pause button rapidly thrice and then hold the button down. The audio or video track will rewind.

#4 Skip to the previous track

Just tap the play/pause button thrice to play the previous track on your iPhone.

 #5 Make Siri listen to you. Isn’t it one of the best possible cool things to do?
Hasn’t Siri become user-friendly over the years? All you got to do it press and hold the play/pause button to activate Siri on your phone
#6 Rejecting an incoming call
A call can be easily rejected by holding the play/pause button for a couple of seconds.
#7 Answer and hang up on an incoming call
Just tapping the play/pause button to answer the call and tapping it again to hang up does the trick. Isn’t it simple?
#8 Switch to the next call
Simply press the play/pause button to switch to the next incoming call. You can again press it to end the new call and return back to the original one.
#9 Hang up the current call and answer a new one
Holding the play/pause button after pressing it for a couple of seconds does the trick.
#10 You can take a picture too
Yes, it is possible. You just need to do press the + button on your earphone after putting on the camera app on your iPhone.
#11 And control your Mac with it!
Many don’t know this, but your earphones can also double-up as a basic remote for your Mac. You can use the above functions with iTunes and some third party apps on Mac too.


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