12 Women With The Longest Legs In The World


You’ll be appalled to understand that the competition over longest legs within the world may be a pretty intense and competitive battle. It’s not solely models that have long legs however regular everyday individuals do are available in the class of getting the longest legs. have you ever detected Friedrich philosopher quote, “In the mountains, the shortest method is from peak to peak: except for that, you want to have long legs.” individuals had created several world records and gained the title of the funniest person, the neatest person or the quickest one. Having longs legs turned some traditional individuals into celebrities long.

These 12 women have the longest legs in the world and range from celebrities to teachers to models! Let’s check them out!

1.Brooke Banker (47’’)

She has 47 inches long legs and is 26-year-old. She has comparatively diminutive height and stands at 5’11”, just under six foot.

2.Monika Wiktorowicz (46″)

She has the longest pair of legs in Scotland. Her complete height is 6’1”. Monika said, “It’s only now, in my 20s, that I’m starting to appreciate my legs. People always glance down to see what heels I’m wearing – but it’s always just sneakers.”

3.Alexandra Robertson (47″)

Alexandra has 47 inch long legs and is a British model that battles over the world’s longest pair of legs that includes women from Australia, Russia, America, and the UK. At the age of 20, she towers over most people with a height of 6′1″.

4.Dji Dieng  (48.4″)

Dji held the record for the longest pair of legs in the world and surely has the longest pair of legs in modeling. Dji Dieng is a supermodel with 48.4 inches long legs. She has worked all over the world, including in Italy, France, and America. She has appeared in numerous ad campaigns for MAC, Coca-Cola, and Nokia. Dji has raised awareness for breast cancer and AIDS and did a lot of charitable work.

5.Lauren Williams  (49″)

Lauren had the longest pair of legs in Texas and once in America too. She proves the saying that everything is bigger in Texas. She has an incredible 49 inch long legs who gained a lot of attention from people all around. In addition to modeling, she also teaches at the children’s museum.

6.Adriana Karembeu (49.5″)

Adriana was recognized within the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest try of legs within the whole world. She stands 6’1” and has spectacular long legs that live forty nine.5”. Karembeu currently lives in Paris, France however was born in Slovak Republic. She has worked for a complete like Victoria Secret. Adriana appeared on the French version of terpsichore With the celebs. She additionally won the national capital Fashion Award within the vogue Icon class in 2009.

7.Ana Hickmann (46.5″)

Ana’s long legs have turned her into a well known celebrity nightlong. She has appeared on the quilt of a number of the world’s most celebrated magazines that embrace Elle and also the Brazilian Sports Illustrated swimming costume Edition and Brazilian Vogue. Ana has her own cosmetics and vesture line. Maxim magazine enclosed her on their Hot one hundred List doubly.

8.Anastasia Strashevskaya (42”)

She won the title of the longest try of legs in Russia. Anastasia could be a novice attorney from urban center, Siberia. She participated with cardinal different contestants to the title and won a prize of around 2 thousand and 7 hundred U.S. dollars.

9.Samantha Lawrence (44″)

Samantha could be a maths teacher from European country UN agency comes underneath the list of high twelve ladies with long legs. She won’t be a model however she actually will offer any model a last their cash. Samantha stands 6’1” tall and gains lots of attention from individuals all round her.

10.Caroline Arthur (51.5″)

Caroline Arthur’s legs square measure goodbye and noted that they even caught the eye of a world noted Beatle, rock star. She may be a former model from Australia. She is 6’2” tall and her imposingly long legs square measure fifty one.5 inches, that is extremely near the record holder Svetlana Pankratova. King of England aforesaid, “I was told that I’m too tall for Australian beauty standards and couldn’t model garments as a result of they {merely|they simply|they solely} wouldn’t work me.”


11.Chase Kennedy ( 51″)

Chase has 51” long legs and has the longest combine in America. She offers each Holly Cyril Lodowic Burt and Lauren Williams a last their cash along with her implausibly long legs. Her legs square measure fifty one inches and she or he stands at 6′5″. Chase is merely .9’ faraway from holding the world’s record. Chase could be a model and is largely from American state.

12.Svetlana Pankratova (51.9″)

Svetlana Pankratova presently holds the record within the Guinness Book of World Records for longest legs within the world. She has unbelievably long legs that area unit fifty one.9 inches long and height of 6’5”. Svetlana was a standout player in basketball at the Commonwealth University in Virginia.


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