15 Ordinary Things That Cost a Fortune


Nowadays, selling is consistently firing on all cylinders, and firms do what they will to please everybody. as an example, they provide millionaires the foremost standard things however with barely of luxury — and for obscene amounts of cash.

$99.99 mint toothpaste

There would appear to be nothing distinctive concerning mint dentifrice, however THEODENT have come back up with a dentifrice that contains a novel proprietary element referred to as Rennou: once initial use, it strengthens and protects teeth throughout the day.

A $299.95 toilet seat

A handmade carbon fiber seat attracts attention to itself. made of natural materials, light-weight, one-size-fits-all edition by Carbon Fiber Gear — don’t you would like it yet?

$638 headphones

They say music sounds far better through GOLDSTRIKER headphones as a result of you’re carrying real 24-carat diamonds in your ears. If you would like to visualize them out yourself, they won’t return low cost

$1,188 woollen socks

FALKE woollen socks were launched as a edition range: there area unit solely ten pairs of them out there. They’re additionally created with vicuna wool, that is taken into account the rarest and costliest within the world.

A $3,360 cloud lamp

This cloud is truly a designer lamp by dramatist Mercantile that not solely lights up the area however conjointly produces typical storm sounds: thunder and also the sound of rain. you’ll be able to conjointly set the brightness and color of the cloud.

A $5,415 kitchen knife

This room knife by Nesmuk is implausibly pricy and valuable. The blade is created of steel, the handle of сurly birch, and its bolster is silver. The knife comes with a lacquer-coated box, animal skin case, knife implement, and a special complete of knife oil.

A $13,400 pencil

German company Faber-Castell launched an easy pencil on its birthday. nevertheless the sole easy factor here is that the lead. The pencil itself is formed of cedar, and its cap is metal crustlike with three diamonds.

$14,161 Monopoly

So popular, however therefore high-ticket. ZONTIK determined to hide the gameboard here with animal skin and puzzle out all the inscriptions in gold, whereas all the items area unit made of silver. a true bonanza for people who like their luxury in details.

A $25,850 iPhone 7

Stuart Hughes, a jeweler from urban center, created Associate in Nursing insanely pricy model of a preferred smartphone along with his own hands. Its body is created of 24ct gold. It’s shuddery to even breathe thereon, plus hold it in your hands.

A $100,000 razor

How regarding shopping for a Zafirro razor manufactured from one thing extraterrestrial? this can be not a joke: the handle is created from a metal which will solely be found within the residue of meteorites. As for the blades, they’re manufactured from white sapphire, and also the pivot pins square measure noble metal. have you ever already created some space in your rest room for this baby?

$1,558,335 toilet paper

When tissue Man had some 24ct gold, they determined to create tissue out of it. the worth is even by the fabric. The Australian company is prepared to sell one roll for somewhat over $1.5 mln. however don’t worry — you’ll get a bottle of complimentary champagne to celebrate your “useful” investment.

A $3,000,000 teapot

Nothing special, simply a pot from Chitra’s assortment. It’s made of gold, and embellished with one,500 diamonds and five hundred rubies. a typical item for those that will freely lose their cash. And $3 mln isn’t even its final worth, as a result of there area unit many potential consumers.

A $3,800,000 handbag

Mouawad has conferred to the globe with a purse made up of eighteen carat gold and crusty with four,517 colourful diamonds. It’ll definitely are available handy for young girls United Nations agency assume everything ought to be valuable.

A $70,000,000 ring

A ring not with diamonds, however made up of a diamond. Shawish grew into the globe of jewelry-making and given it with this distinctive ring. Well, country have continuously been generous with accessories.

A $2,500,000 toilet

Golden bathroom seats are widespread throughout history, however this one in city super all. designed by the droop Fung Gold Technology cluster in 2001, it options a 24-carat-gold bathroom price $2.5 million.


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