12 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks for Busy Women


life in 21st century is not a piece of cake everybody now a days dont have time and in much hurry.we sarcasmnew have gathered 12 beauty hacks for busy and working women

Hollywood cat eye look

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The impeccable Hollywood cat eye look isn’t that tough to make. you simply got to draw a line from the outer corner of your eye towards the top of your hair or towards your temple (for a a lot of everyday reasonably look); the length of the road depends on your preference. Then, draw a line for the second eye also, and check for symmetry. Use make-up to draw a handful of dots or dashes over the line: they’re going to assist you produce a perfect contour while not smudges. Connect the dots by drawing a sleek, line. shut down any imperfections and sharpen lines with a makeup remover pen.

Ideal eyebrows


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For a perfect hair style, you initially ought to rigorously brush up your eyebrows, then define them, so fill them with color. If you wish a additional beamy look, apply some highlighter just under your hair line.

Elegant lips

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Here is a straightforward tip for creating your lips appear fuller, and it solely takes fifteen seconds to form this look. Apply your regular lipstick 1st, then use a lighter shade of lip liner to paint the central a part of your higher and lower lip. along with your brush, swipe left to right and mix the sides out therefore it creates a gradient look. Add a trifle of shiny lip gloss and voila: your lips look attractive and sumptuous!

Stunning eyeshadow

In the morning, gently remove any excess oils from your face, paying shut attention to your lids. Apply a special foundation primer to avoid war paint smudges. If the primer is applied well, it prevents makeup imperfections. to form the colour of your war paint deeper, apply a light-weight eye pencil initial.

Two in one

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If you don’t have a watch pencil or war paint handy, your makeup will assist you out. Take a skinny brush and use a number of your makeup to use like makeup on the higher lid. currently you’ll be able to use the remainder of your makeup to finish the design.


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An choice for people who ar running terribly late. hunt and apply make-up simply over the higher lash line. can|this may|this can} create your eyes appear larger and your eyelashes will acquire a pleasant downy look. It’s a simple tip that’ll assist you look beautiful while not applying an excessive amount of makeup.


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Being a business girl doesn’t mean you can’t get artistic once selecting your hairstyle. strive some straightforward and chic hairdos which will intensify each your business-like perspective and also the exquisite fantastic thing about your hair. If a necessity to appear a lot of casual arises, simply a few of minutes are enough to let your hair down.

Give your dried-up mascara a new life

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Eyelash makeup includes a life-span of regarding 3-6 months, however if you would like it to last to a small degree longer, there square measure some of tricks that may assist you. simply remember: these square measure emergency tips, and if your skin gets irritated, don’t use this make-up once more.
First of all, wiping the clumps off your make-up brush ought to be an everyday issue for you to try and do. once it involves revitalizing your make-up, use eye drops — simply place some of drops into the tube, pump it, and shake it well. you’ll be able to conjointly place the tube into a mug crammed with hot water; it’ll save your make-up for a moment till you get a brand new one.

Flawless skin

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If you didn’t get enough sleep, makeup will help you look fresh.

Dramatic eye

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To make your eyelashes look downy, apply one layer of war paint and so use a medium makeup brush to travel over the lashes with skin powder. use caution to not get the powder into your eyes. Then apply a second layer of war paint. It’s best if you bend the comb at a 45° angle.

Bikini and straps

To prevent razor bumps apply toiletry to the bathing costume line when shaving and use band-aid to cover your bandeau straps


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