8 Epic Clothing Disasters


Unless you retain your finger on the style pulse perpetually, it’s troublesome to grasp simply what’s and what is not thought of to be “in” at any given time. however in spite of however dangerous your sense of fashion can be, we’re pretty positive can|we are able to} all agree that the garments below will never be la la mode

#1 i couldn’t stop giggling at her new flower dress

2# cloulnt work out why i was getting so many odd looks while i was shopping …. then came home and saw in the mirror…

#3 Savage fabric designer

4# Thanks for the advice

5# My name is james bronnie so my grandma bought this shirt thinking i would love it…. Thanks grandma

#6 When restaurant staff T shirts go wrong

#7 Well those zebras are looking somewhere

#8 Wearing a red flower at that point may be not a good idea



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